YG reveals new girl group “Black Pink” in hot dance teaser video

With Black Pink nearing their debut real soon, YG Entertainment has teased a glimpse of their ongoing training through a new dance practice video. 

On July 5th, YG Entertainment released the dance practice video through their official Youtube channel and featured the members continuing their rigorous dance training. Dressed in all black outfits and set in the agency’s dance studio, the members were seen dancing along to a remixed version of Rihanna’s track, “Better Have My Money.”

The dance cover was also choreographed by famous choreographer and dancer, Parris Goebel, who has done similar works and performances with BIGBANG and 2NE1.

Despite the anticipation of having a bigger group, the agency surprised fans by announcing the debut of Black Pink, a group of four members.

Check out the intense rehearsal dance cover below!