VIXX Leo Shuts Down All Social Media After Internal Fan War

VIXX’s Leo has closed his social media accounts to the public, after a fanclub owner turned other fans against him.

In a controversial incident involving VIXX’s Leo and Starlights, fans have started to turn against Leo. The incident involved VIXX’s Leo and a fan club administrator of “” identified only as “Close To You”.

The controversy started after Leo’s birthday on November 10th. STARLIGHTs claimed that “Close To You” posted a vague photo of Leo with a birthday hat on her personal Instagram account. The photo was posted with the caption, “Together”. 

The photo initially had fans wondering if the administrator had a special relationship with Leo. Fans then accused Jellyfish Entertainment of having scheduled an exclusive event with the members of Close To You’s fan site. There was no such mention of this event on VIXX’s official schedule.

STARLIGHT’s claimed that the agency showed preferential treatment to a select group of fans instead of the official fan club. Comments spread quickly from these fans, expressing thoughts of a boycott. Multiple comments were left on Leo’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. This is likely one of the main reasons Leo suddenly made both accounts private.

Here are some of the comments and explanations found throughout the web on this issue:

  • A fan posted an explanation in a blog post. The post featured comments from two fans made through Leo’s Instagram before it was turned private.
Translation: “Real Starlights, rabbits, and others who may not know your name want you to finish your career as a singer happily. But I’m a fake Starlight. I can’t take it any longer. Thank you for singing for all this time, and thank you for getting me out to stream and vote. I can no longer struggle and be in the fan union while being happy. When I leave, I wanted to leave quietly, but I don’t think I can. I’m disappointed that the times I valued with you since ‘Hyde’ are in vain. I didn’t know I was going to leave. Thank you for showing a final good performance.”
Translation: Presents, acknowledgment, and friendship. The fans have things they all want to do but they can’t, so they realize that they can’t do it, but I didn’t know you were being secretive behind our backs. The fans remember this well and I thought you were good at fan service, but that fan service was only for a few people. The more I know about it, the more I become embarrassed. The fans who stick with you don’t believe everything, just like how the fans who left you don’t have a lack of trust in you. Don’t think of this situation as one where we are falsely accusing you. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Even if I leave, it won’t seem like a speck is missing. You will still have a lot of fans and be happy. Goodbye.

  • “Close To You” is a web page administrator and is known supporter by fellow fan club members. “Close To You” and the members of the fan club held a support event for Leo’s birthday. Some fans claim that Jellyfish Entertainment scheduled the event for them as well.
  • When asked about the incident, “Close To You” published two official comments through her Twitter account.


Hello, this is CLOSE TO YOU.
First, I am sorry that my follow-up feedback is late.

It is true that the Instagram photos of the support were taken on the same day, on the support menu there was one birthday cake that was delivered, and the picture was taken during the celebration process.

I have never asked anyone to have a birthday party alone. I was given a brief opportunity during the delivery of the support and it took a very short time.

It was an unwise decision that I posted that photo on my personal Instagram and used the wrong words. I would like to apologize once again, I’m sorry.

Also, let me explain why I can inquire about a support on the afternoon of the 8th and proceed with the support on the 9th. You can only talk about support-related things with the fan manager.

From the fan manager, I received an e-mail saying that according to the musical support order, I was the first one. If there was no musical schedule on his birthday, and I was unable to provide the support, then I would have gotten a reply that the birthday support would have been allowed on a different date.

Also, the video that was mentioned previously was a video that was uploaded to Ravi’s Instagram. Since the video was uploaded right after the support, there was something I mentioned in the Instagram comments. There were no video recordings on the day of the support.

There is nothing else to say but sorry for doing something wrong. This is completely my fault and my obvious mistake. I sincerely apologize. I’m really sorry.

The incident caused Jellyfish to respond to fans of VIXX through their official fan-cafe. The translation of their full statement can be found below:

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First, we would like to apologize to Starlights for causing confusion by leaving a part out of our announcement uploaded on the 23rd. We would like to give an explanation about the ‘post uploaded onto SNS on the 20th.’

The point of concern, ‘the support team requested a cake, there was a birthday party or celebration prepared for the support team,’ is not true, the [VIXX] member was simply giving his greetings as a show of gratitude to the support team who came to the ‘MonteCristo’ rehearsal location on November 9. Please refrain from exaggerating the circumstances. In the future we will be more careful so that these kinds of misunderstandings do not occur during supports.

Furthermore, because the picture with the misleading caption was uploaded, Starlights were confused. We have identified the misunderstandings and the rumors that were created as an ‘invasion of privacy’ through fan reports, and we have identified the fanclub members that were involved. 

From today forth, the fanclub members in question will not be able to participate in public broadcasts, events, or fansigns with VIXX, they will be removed from the fanclub, and have been told they are not allowed to re-join. In the future, we plan to maintain this strong stance with those who continue to try and ‘create misunderstandings and invade privacy.’

Also, to protect the rights and interests of our company’s artists, we will take legal action and take strong action against those who ‘circulate falsehood and spread defamation’ such as malicious rumors, attacks on character, and hateful comments.

Once again, we apologize for worrying Starlight with these misunderstandings caused by this incident.