This new Korean cosmetic trend will transform your face without surgery

In a bid to look youthful without the need of any plastic surgery, Koreans have a found a way to naturally enhance these through the “natural botox massage.” 

On July 5th, a television program on MBN gained interest after a 50 year old woman shocked audiences with her youthful skin. What made the episode more interesting was how she maintained her looks without the use of any surgical intervention and instead introduced what she calls a “natural botox massage.”

According to the guest, by massaging the spot right below the air allows the swelling around the fact to reduce, making the face smaller as it stimulates that gathered draining in the lymphatic system to empty. The technique also helps eliminate neck wrinkles, hence, the youthful effect.

Check out the full video and step by step process below!

1. Rub the entire ear with the index and middle finger.

2. Press the three pressure points in front of the earlobe.

3. Press the point behind the ear.

4. Massage the spot behind the ear, down to the chin, towards the collarbone and armpits.

Source: Insight