Yang Hyun Suk Won A Special Giveaway Prize, And Seungri’s Reaction Was Priceless

Seungri wasn’t quite sure what was going on!

BIGBANG‘s Seungri recently put his Santa hat on and gave out some gifts for the holiday season during a special Aori Ramen giveaway event. The event has gained a lot of attention online, just not in the way you’d probably expect!


Last month, Seungri announced that he’d be teaming up with his restaurant chain Aori Ramen to create a holiday giveaway event to gift fans things like certificates, hairdryers, and a new laptop.

First place was a new MacBook Pro and second place was a Dyson hairdryer.


With the event taking place on December 20, Seungri announced the winners of the event during a live broadcast on Aori Ramen’s official Instagram page. And while the event got a lot of attention, it was Seungri’s priceless reaction to one winner that really stole the spotlight.


It all started when Seungri drew the slip of paper for the second place winner out of the box. He immediately paused and had to check his paper a number of times.

“Hold on a second. I’m not sure if this is right or not…”

— Seungri


But after checking his numerous checks he decided what he saw was true and he announced the winner of the Dyson hairdryer.

“But the second place winner for the Dyson hairdryer is Yang Hyun Suk.”

— Seungri


The moment Seungri said “Yang Hyun Suk” the staff burst out laughing. Even Seungri couldn’t hide his smile as he wondered aloud if it was the same Yang Hyun Suk he knows from YG Entertainment while congratulating the winner!

“He isn’t the Yang Hyun Suk that I know, right? I don’t know. Anyway, congratulations Yang Hyun Suk. Enjoy the Dyson hairdryer!”

— Seungri


The cute and hilarious reaction by Seungri and the staff has captured the hearts of netizens who have fallen in love with the priceless moment.


Now we just need to find out if the winner really is the Yang Hyun Suk Seungri knows or not! Check out the reaction one more time in the clip below.