This Male Idol May Look Really Cute But He’s Actually A Muscular Beast Underneath His Clothes

Adorable cutie and extreme beast!

There are a lot of adorable idols out there, the kind that makes fans want to protect them forever and UNB‘s Hojung is no different.


His cute boyish features have definitely captured hearts.


But there’s one side to him that some people might not know…


In 2017, Hojung competed in the MAXQ Muscle Mania Orient Championships.


And totally knocked the socks off of everyone!


It wasn’t just his mean swing that had everyone talking. It was how ridiculously toned he was.


There are some pretty swole idols out there but these pictures of Hojung almost seem unreal.


The pictures recently resurfaced and netizens have been going crazy over his chiseled body.


Although some netizens first thought that the pictures had been edited, they soon learned that these photos are as real as they come!


Part of the reason some people may have thought the pictures were fake was because of the difference in color of his face and the rest of his body.


But that’s actually a trick that bodybuilders do. They spray tan their bodies to give more definition to their physiques.


It definitely worked because…wow!


Hojung was actually a big fan of bodybuilding even before he entered the competition. But, to many people, it was still hard to believe that such a cutie was really a beast!


Even now netizens are in total awe of his body. And so too were the rest of his UNB members when they found out.


It just goes to show that everything isn’t always what it seems!