GOT7’s Yugyeom Is BamBam’s BFF But Even He Isn’t Sure He Could Handle More Than One BamBam

Yugyeom just isn’t sure he could handle it!

GOT7‘s Yugyeom and BamBam may be besties who love to create all sorts of mischief together, but even Yugyeom isn’t quite so sure that he could handle the pure chaos that would likely follow if there was more than one BamBam!

During Yugyeom’s recent live, fans posed an interesting question to him. Ahgase wanted to know if Yugyeom would rather choose to spend time with a 5-year-old BamBam or 5 BamBams!

Yugyeom, would you rather choose (to have) 5 BamBams or a 5-year-old BamBam?

— Yugyeom, reading a fan’s question

The question proved to be quite difficult as Yugyeom had to take a few moments to weigh the pros and cons of both options.

Wow! This is a hard question! This is really difficult!

— Yugyeom

After thinking about them, however, Yugyeom decided that he would have to choose the 5-year-old BamBam. Not only because he thought it would be fun…

It would be too hard to have 5 BamBams. I think I would choose a 5-year-old BamBam. A young BamBam would be fun!

— Yugyeom

But also because even he wasn’t so sure he could handle the chaos that 5 BamBams would inevitably bring!

If there were 5 BamBams, I think it would be too crazy!

— Yugyeom

Although fans had no idea what Yugyeom would choose between the two options, his answer has been cracking fans up hard.

Watch the Yugyeom come to his hilarious conclusion for yourself at the 17-minute and 45-second mark below: