Yoon Mi Rae updates on Sony’s alleged unauthorized use of her song in “The Interview”

Artist Yoon Mi Rae’s agency Feel Ghood Music has released a statement regarding Sony Pictures’ alleged use of her song “Pay Day” in the movie The Interview without previous consent.

On January 16th, Feel Ghood Music released a statement through their public relations agency Fortune saying that Sony’s previous statement that they signed a contract to receive authorization to use the song was incorrect, and that they will be taking legal action in response.

The agency explained, “When we made an inquiry about Sony using ‘Pay Day’ without consent in ‘The Interview,’ they replied saying that there was a signed contract. This is not true, so we decided to take legal action last year on December 26th.

They further revealed, “Sony replied approximately two weeks after that saying that this contract did not exist. In effect, Sony confirmed that they had released an untrue explanation. We cannot understand this situation, and we would like official action taken by Sony through the law. We will respond through legal action as well.

Yoon Mi Rae also commented on the issue, stating, “There were talks to use the song in the movie, but at a certain point, the negotiations were stopped, so I assumed that it was not going to happen. Once the movie was released, however, I saw that they used my song without them going through the proper procedure or signing a contract.

Feel Ghood Music revealed that they would be taking legal action against Sony Pictures, the production company of the movie, and DFSB, the company that dealt with music used in the movie.

Source: Star News