Profile for LEDApple’s newest member, Hyeonsang, released

LEDApple is slowly introducing the new members of the band to LEDAs, recently sharing the full profile of Hyeonsang via their SNS accounts on January 9th.

According to the profile, Ryu Hyeonsang is from the ’94 line, standing at 182cm at 60kg, and is known through his nickname Ryu.

Fans can also look forward to the member’s songwriting abilities as well, possessing the talent to both compose and write lyrics. He further reveals on his profile, “I hope I get lots of chances to interact with fans. I want to sing self-made songs!”

From the looks of his profile, Hyeonsang will be taking the role of guitarist in LEDApple. The guitarist even reveals to LEDA that prior to joining the band officially, he was also a LEDA! “I was the one of LEDApple fan[s] like you, LEDA. I feel proud being a member of LEDApple that I’ve respect[ed] as a band. I [will] also do my best [to] keep my  mind as open as when I began. Please support us!!”

LEDApple experienced a change in lineup for the 2015 new year with the introduction of new members Hyeonsang and Kyosung.