LEDApple welcomes new members Hyunsang and Kyosung

On January 5th, LEDApple officially introduced their new members to the band following the official exit of Hanbyul and Kwangyeon.

Back in October, the group’s management made an official announcement on LEDApple’s official Japanese website revealing that three members will be leaving the band shortly after the conclusion of their Japanese December concert activities, including member Kyumin.

The group revealed the names of their new members, Hyunsang and Kyosung, by updating their Facebook page’s banner, prompting many fans to welcome them despite sharing their sadness over Hanbyul and Kwangyeon’s leave.

Kyumin was originally also supposed to exit LEDApple to pursue a hip-hop career, but after much discussion, according to their website, will be continuing with the group as a member.

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