K-netizens criticize Hong Jong Hyun for his cold attitude off camera

In light of the recent dating “scandal” involving actor Hong Jong Hyun and After School‘s Nana, Korean netizens are providing alleged “evidence” the against actor.

From a video that surfaced, Korean netizens have said the actor is extremely cold towards his virtual wife, Yura of Girls’ Day, off camera. Although both Pledis Entertainment and Withmay have denied the rumors, they still are stating his cold attitude towards Yura is due to the fact that Nana and Jong Hyun are dating.

A 15 second video began garnering a lot of attention as it features Jong Hyun and Yura in Indonesia for their honeymoon episode on MBC‘s We Got Married. Korean netizens claimed that Hong Jong Hyun does not take care of Yura, and that his actions on the show are completely fake.

Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were allegedly said to have been dating after meeting on Onstyle‘s Style Log. Both agencies and the producers of We Got Married have come to deny that the rumors of them dating are false. After the rumors began, the scandal has conflicted with his appearance on the show as part of the virtual couple, and netizens have requested for the couple to leave the show or release an official statement on the situation.


Source: KMIB