Jonghyun promises to charm fans if his “Crazy” takes 1st place

Jonghyun of SHINee has recently released his first solo mini-album BASE, performing his showcase event “BASE of JONGHYUN” at the SMTOWN COEX Artium on January 8th.

He dazzled the fans with four of his album tracks, including the title song “Crazy,” and the pre-released track “Déjà-Boo,“which has hit 1st place on music charts.

After gearing up with the first song, “Beautiful Tonight,” Jonghyun commented about the process of creating the track and his own impressions on preparing this album with Girl’s Generation’s Sooyoung, who came as support as the MC.

When asked what he is planning to do if his songs takes 1st place on music programs, Jonghyun replied that he was “Still wondering what to do.” Fans cheered for his abs en bloc.

Jonghyun, however, shyly declined, saying, “I can’t do that on air. I’ll show my abs to the fans laterwards.”  Also, he added, “The abs are now gone,” but when the fans asked him to show it for topping the music charts, he promised that he will “show it within today.”

“I’ll do something else if I win the 1st place. I’ll show you my charms. I’m not really good at doing things after raising expectations, but I’ll try.”

Source: TV Report