Jessica Jung Talks About Future Goals For Acting In The United States

She may be making her acting debut in the states!

Jessica Jung has revealed the numerous plans she has been working on from her fashion brand to her singing career and even an autobiography at the recent Fashion Asia 2018 in Hong Kong.

Jessica Jung Talks Autobiography And Future Plans At Fashion Asia 2018


In fact, she has even released her first solo Christmas song, “One More Christmas”, today (December 14). The upbeat holiday track is her first new song in one year and four months.


Moreover, the singer-turned-entrepreneur hinted at the exciting new things that she will be taking on in 2019.

“There’s a big picture that I have imagined. It hasn’t been set yet but each year, I am adding to that picture. I think I’ve created about 1/3 of that picture and luckily, everything is going according to plan so far. I’m curious as to how it will be completed in a few years. There will be many fun things happening from next year.”

ㅡ Jessica Jung


One of these exciting new things is apparently acting. In response to a question about whether or not she has any plans to pursue acting, Jessica stated that she and her agency is in the process of planning.

“We are planning it now. After signing with UTA, we have been talking about various projects. I hope to meet good opportunities. I also think it’s good timing as Asians are beginning to receive spotlight overseas.”

ㅡ Jessica Jung


Jessica signed a contract with the California-based talent agency, United Talent Agency (UTA), in May 2018. While she continues to be represented by Coridel Entertainment and East West Artists (EWA), UTA is managing her North American activities. The multi-talented star explained the reason she chose to go with the huge company.

“I had meetings with numerous companies but I got a different vibe from UTA. The company prioritied my career over business. They supported me by creating a long-term plan. More than anything else, they told me I was young. In Korea, having 12 years of expeerience makes you feel old but the company told me, ‘You’re still young so let’s take things slow. There are many things you can try.’ I feel like I’ve earned a reliable family.”

ㅡ Jessica Jung


Meanwhile, Jessica was invited to this year’s Cannes Film Festival in May where she walked down the red carpet wearing a beautiful lavender-flowered Ralph & Russo dress among renowned actors from around the world.

“It was a new experience for me. I was invited by a jewelry brand but even I was surprised. When I first received the invite, I asked them, ‘Why should I go?’ and ‘What am I going for?’ but they said it was one of the general events held by the brand. I also found out for the first time that large brands hold parties at the Cannes Film festival and invite not only actors but also influencers during the red carpet event. I was told to stay for about 10 minutes but the red carpet was so short that I thought a lot about what I should do. It was a new experience.”

ㅡ Jessica Jung


And while she attended the event as an influencer this year, she may soon be among these actors not as an influencer, but as a fellow actress!


Source: Ilgan Sports