Girls’ Generation’s Yoona stopping manager from getting rough with fans caught on video

With the news of Red Velvet‘s manager being rough with fans still fresh in everyone’s minds, a video of Yoona holding back her own manager has gained attention.

The video, originally uploaded to YouTube on April 15th, has recently become a hot topic in light of Red Velvet’s manager situation in which he was caught verbally abusing fans.

At the Hang Zhou Airport in China where the Girls’ Generation member arrived along with her manager, she was surrounded by fans whom she accepted gifts from as she walked towards her transportation car. There, she paused to greet her fans and allowed them to take photos and videos, even delivering fan service as she spoke a short Chinese phrase.

Soon, Yoona’s male manager can be heard yelling “Stop taking photos!” in an annoying tone as he walked towards the group of fans. As he yelled this, Yoona could be seen lightly smacking her manager in the back of the shoulders as if to restrain him from a rougher behavior.

Regarding the situation with Red Velvet manager’s situation, SM Entertainment relayed their apologies, “It is true that the man in the video is Red Velvet’s manager. We are sorry to all the fans. We will strive to make sure this does not happen again.”

Watch the exchange below:

Source: Kukmin Daily