FTIsland’s FTHX concert tickets sell out in France

FTIsland‘s first tour stop in France for their 2015 FTISLAND FTHX Tour has sold out immediately after going on sale.

While preparing for their 2015 comeback, FTIsland is starting off the new year with their 2015 FTISLAND FTHX Tour in multiple countries. The concert will be taking place in multiple stops in Latin America, and Europe, as well as the United States.

With their first stop taking place in France on January 16th, FTIsland’s concert tickets have completely sold out for that location. Recently completing their multiple tours in Japan, FTIsland will also be performing Japanese tracks as well as Korean songs for their concert.

After the concert in France, FTIsland will be headed to  São Paulo on the 19th, Rio de Janeiro on the 21st, Santiago on the 23rd, and Mexico City on the 25th, followed by their additional stops in the United States.

Meanwhile, FTIsland’s Lee Hong Ki is currently filming the SBS drama Modern Farmer.

Source: Sports Donga