Fin.K.L’s Hyori, Yuri and Juhyun made a tearful reunion on SBS “Healing Camp”

Fin.K.L, one of the biggest first-generation K-Pop girl groups had an emotional mini reunion on the January 12th episode of SBS Healing Camp.

This episode was a “New Year’s Night” special from the program where hosts Kim Jae Dong, Sung Yuri, and Lee Kyung Kyu invited their personal friends and acquaintances to share their own stories. Guests for this episode included miss A‘s SuzyKang Dong Won and Ock Ju Hyun, one of Sung Yuri’s bandmates from Fin.K.L.

According to the staff of the program, they felt that a Fin.K.L reunion was long overdue, even taking a placard on stage which read “Let’s have Fin.K.L reunite this year on Healing Camp!” after winning the “Best TV Producer” award at the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards. 

To add possibility to the reunion, Lee Hyori made her own appearance through a phone call. During the phone interview, Sung Yuri expressed her nervousness before calling the third member stating, “It’s like I’m calling someone I want to date, I’m so nervous.” After the emotional phone call during which the three reunited, Sung Yuri tearfully said, “I can’t even remember how long it’s been since we’ve spoken on the phone.”

It seems the members have missed each other as much as fans have missed seeing the group on stage! What did you think of the emotional reunion?

Source: Starin Edaily