Dispatch reveals the first celebrity couple of 2015 on January 1st

Last year, Dispatch revealed a number of relationships involving Korean celebrities and it appears that this year will be no different, with the first relationship of the new year reported on January 1st.

On this morning, Dispatch revealed the first relationship of the new year to be between Lee Jung Jae and Lim Seryung. Lim Seryung is the first born daughter of the president of the Daesang Group in Korea. She was formerly married to the Vice President of Samsung, Lee Jae Yong. Although Lim Seryung and Lee Jae Yong had both a daughter and a son together, the two split in 2009.

Following Lim Seryung and Lee Jae Yong’s divorce, rumors began to surface in 2010 that Lim Seryung and Lee Jung Jae were dating. The rumors went so far to suggest that the two were even planning to get married, but both sides denied that they were involved in a romantic relationship. Lee Jung Jae and Lim Seryung were seen traveling together to the Philippines in April of 2010, but when asked, reported that it was just a business trip.

According to Dispatch, Lee Jung Jae and Lim Seryung spent time together in the evening at Lee Jung Jae’s residence after the completion of his filming. Dispatch further went on to reveal pictures from one of their recent dates, which can be seen below. The photos show the two together getting out of the car as well as a potential driving route.

Source: TV Report and Dispatch