BTS V delivers heartbreaking message about his Grandmother’s passing during show

BTS‘s V surprised fans when he shared news of his Grandmother’s passing during BTS 3rd Muster show.

BTS 3rd Muster is a fan meet where all seven members have fun and engage with the audience. Towards the end, all members of BTS addressed the audience individually. When it was V’s turn he mentioned something many fans had noticed, that he wasn’t quite acting himself.

V revealed that the reason for his mood change was because his grandmother had passed away while BTS was in the Philippines. V kept her passing a secret from fans as he had a lot going on. He had Hwarang drama shooting, the BTS concert tour, Wings album preparation and “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” comeback. He tried his best to stay composed and smiling through it all. He was very close to his grandmother and shed tears mentioning that she took care of him for 13 years. V stated that he believes the reason behind BTS’s recent success is not only because of ARMY, but also because his grandmother has been blessing them from heaven.

V talks at BTS 3rd Muster about his grandmother below.

Fellow member Jimin ran to comfort him at the end of his heartfelt speech, which had also reduced maknae Jungkook to tears.

V has always been thankful for all that his grandmother has done for him and BTS. He had planned on giving her a special shout out on TV, but she ended up passing before he could. Below is BTS’s #1 first win for “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and V’s special shout out where he said, “Grandma I love you. I’m sorry. I wish I said it sooner.”

We give our condolences to V and his family.

Source: SBS