BTS’s J-Hope Was Shy About His Dream To Be An Idol As A Kid, So Here’s What He Told His Friends

“It seemed embarrassing at that time.”

On a new episode of IU‘s Palette, BTS‘s J-Hope shared his entire story of how he grew a dream to become a singer.

After participating in a talent show in 5th grade by chance, he received praise for his performance from his peers.

Dancing to techno music, he impressed his friends.

From this positive experience, a dream was born!

My friends loved it. That made my heart flutter.

— J-Hope

Loving this feeling, he grew a dream to become an artist. However, he kept it hidden because he felt too shy to tell others his big dream.

If you say, ‘I want to be a singer’ then people ask you to sing, and I can, but it seemed embarrassing at that time.

— J-Hope

Instead, he kept it vague and used “dance musical actor” as his cover-up. However, J-Hope always knew he wanted to be a singer!

It wasn’t until he passed auditions that he was able to grow his confidence and tell others his true dream.

It seems J-Hope is right when describing his journey as “destiny.” We can’t imagine how different everything would be if he had never tried the talent show!

J-Hope dancing at 12 years old. | Watta tv/YouTube