Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In solo comeback scheduled for March

It has recently been reported that Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In will be making her comeback later this year to dazzle fans with yet another solo album!

On January 8th, a personnel from Ga In’s agency revealed, “Ga In is continuing her work on a solo album these days. She planned to release the album in January or February but because she is placing such emphasis on this album it has been delayed to early March.”

He continued to say, “The album will most likely be released on the March 4th or 5th and will be a mini-album. It will contain the distinct allure and sexy atmosphere of Ga In, and the scale of the album will be on a large scale.”

Ga In last released her mini-album Truth or Dare in February 2014, pushing the limits of the industry with her sexy concept of her title track “Fxxk U,” which recently placed on SPIN’s list of “101 Best songs of 2014,” appearing as the only K-pop track on the chart.

Source: Star News