BLACKPINK’s Rosé Can’t Handle The Support BLINKs Are Giving Her

She was so emotional at the Hamilton concert

BLACKPINK is coming off from a successful month in North America.

They gave a viral performance at Coachella, generated buzz with their appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and have met North American BLINKs for the first time during the “In Your Area” world tour.

Rosé has been showcasing her Australian accent and electrifying performance skills to BLINKs in these concerts.

And she doesn’t mind joking around with BLINKs either!

At the Hamilton concert, one lucky BLINK asked Rosé if she would be able to be his prom date.

What he probably didn’t expect was Rosé exclaiming, “You’re my prom date!” enthusiastically and jumping with excitement.

She even told him, “I’ll see you at prom” showing that she knows how to engage with her fans.

But BLINKs know how easy it is for Rosé to be emotional.

During the concert, there was an overwhelming amount of excitement and cheers from the audience for Rosé. This left her completely astonished.

When she realised that they were cheering for her, Rosé’s reaction was adorable.

Are you screaming for me? Oh! Thank you!

Rosé then burst into tears stating that she felt so touched that there was so much love and support for BLACKPINK.

When it was time for her solo, Rosé performed the famous solo song “You & I” by another iconic main vocalist Park Bom.

But while singing this emotional song, she choked up while singing this emotional verse that seemed to hit a chord with Rosé.

I will never leave you and no matter what anybody says, I’ll be there to protect you

It seems like Rosé was emotional because the lyrics directly connect with her feelings about her fans.

Rosé is known for singing from her heart and it looks like she wasn’t able to keep on singing because the love she was receiving was incomprehensible.

While Rosé wasn’t able to finish the song, BLINKs know that the unconditional love and support “You and I” expresses is exactly how Rosé feels about BLINKs.

When it was time for BLACKPINK to bid farewell to their audience, Rosé was sad that this experience was over for everyone.

Luckily, the other members were there to comfort Rosé at the encore, even as Rosé continued to express how touched she was with how supportive BLINKs have been.

Fans certainly mean a lot to idols and this is definitely true for Rosé.

She most certainly appreciates all the appreciation that BLINKs give her and she is grateful for all of it.