Just 20+ Clips Of ATEEZ’s Members Body Rolling To Make Your Day Better

Get ready to swoon 🥵

Being the performance kings that they are, there’s no denying that ATEEZ‘s members have incredible body control that allow them to do complex choreographies. Included in many of their dances are the rude but beloved body rolls that tend to drive fans wild! Here are 20+ clips of the members of ATEEZ performing body rolls both on-stage and off that will have any ATINY screaming.

1. Hongjoong treated French ATINYs to this today during their concert!

2. We love it when Seonghwa is feeling himself!

3. How does anyone survive seeing Yeosang body roll in person? 🥵

4. Try to make it through this compilation without screaming 👀

5. Mingi absolutely owns this part in “Wave”!

6. Speaking of “Wave”…

7. It’s really no wonder so many ATINYs constantly get bias wrecked!

8. Wooyoung covered the most important part of MONSTA X’s “Love Killa”!

9. Yunho really has no chill…

10. Everything about this clip of San is just… 🥵

11. Sometimes body rolls don’t have to be big to be impactful.

12. Choi San + crop top + body roll = swooning ATINYs.

13. The duality of Seonghwa is unreal…

14. Even Jongho isn’t sure what to do about Yeosang’s body roll 😂

15. Speaking of Jongho and body rolls…

16. There’s really no one that does it like Wooyoung 🥵

17. The cutest body roll ever.

18. We love to see this confident king 🙌

19. This concert must have felt like a fever dream to anyone attending.

20. Hongjoong wasn’t the only one treating French fans tonight!

21. “Inception”-era Mingi will never not be iconic.

22. Main dancer Yunho let’s gooooo!!