ZE:A’s Siwan to hold solo fan meeting tour in six cities across Asia

Rising Hallyu star Siwan of ZE:A will be riding the Korean wave to six different cities across Asia for his very first solo fan meeting tour.

According to Star Empire Entertainment on February 10th, Siwan will be kicking off the first round of his Asia fan meet tour in Tokyo, Japan on March 7th.

Following his Tokyo meet, Siwan will be visiting Shanghai on March 15th, Seoul on the 21th, Hong Kong on the 28th, and on April 18th, he will be meeting his fans in Guangzhou, China. On May 2nd, the star will be making his last stop in Taiwan.

It has been reported that Siwan has been anticipating the tour with great excitement to meet his fans all across Asia, and that he has been preparing many different events such as dance time, song performances, and even a heart-to-heart talk session with his fans. The star has also been discreetly preparing a small event  that no one else is aware of so that he can share a special moment with all the attendees.

Star Empire Entertainment released an announcement stating, “We are doing everything in our power to help Siwan gift his fans with the most special memories and cherished moments that he can give. Not only has he been practicing and preparing for his very first solo fan meet tour form day to night, but he has also been actively suggesting strong inputs on how to direct and produce the event.

Source: Newsen