[★VIDEO] VIXX’s Hongbin takes over for Girl’s Day Hyeri as MC on SBS MTV’s “The Show”

SBS MTV reveals their new MC for their weekly music show program The Show to be VIXX‘s Hongbin!

The music program is currently airing its fourth season with Super Junior-M‘s Zhoumi and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon as the MCs. Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, who had worked alongside them as the third MC has just stepped down on January 20th, shedding many tears on her final episode.

A day ago, SBS MTV had already hinted their new MC through their official Twitter account, giving clues such as “1993, flower boy, and B.” Of these three hints, Hongbin fulfills each criteria: being born in 1993, exceptional pretty looks complemented with cute dimples, and “B” as his blood type.

Through the short 10-second video, it is pretty obvious it is Hongbin although his name and full face were explicitly not shown. The video used still images of Hongbin from VIXX’s comeback concept images, where the group is releasing a special remake album Boys’ Record on February 24th.

Hongbin’s first MC attempt on SBS MTV The Show will be on March 3rd.