[★TRENDING] Fans speculate on the possible Yoochun-Suzy loveline on upcoming drama, “Girl Who Sees Smells”

Fans have begun to speculate whether or not two of K-Pop’s most loved idols will have a loveline following news that both miss A’s Suzy and JYJ’s Yoochun have entered talks to be cast in an upcoming supernatural drama.

The upcoming drama tentatively named The Girl Who Sees Smells will follow the effects of an unsolved murder known as the “Barcode Murder Case.”

Yoochun is currently in talks to play the male lead who became a police officer following the unsolved murder of his kid sister. As a result of the lack of closure, the character is emotionally closed off. Meanwhile, Suzy’s prospective character was involved in the same incident yet miraculously survived but not without consequence. She is described to have lost her memory due to the trauma but gained a special supernatural power in the process.

Should Yoochun sign on for the role, he will be reunited with director and screenwriter for Rooftop Prince, another supernatural drama which was received warmly and finished with high ratings. This project, however, will be possibly Suzy’s return to the small screen following her role in Gu Family Book in 2013.

JYP Entertainment have previously stated that they are considering the project and is currently reviewing the script, with C-JeS Entertainment saying the same in behalf of Yoochun.

The Girl Who Sees Smells is set to premiere in April following the upcoming drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me which stars Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min.

Source: Isplus and MBN