“Spy” reveals stills of Jaejoong attacked by unidentified man

New stills of JYJ’s Jaejoong unconscious after being attached by an unidentified person has been released for his upcoming KBS drama, Spy.

Originally filmed on December 21st in Namdong-gu, Incheon, Jaejoong is hit by a large truck soon after entering his car. In the stills, an unconscious Jaejoong with a small bleed trickling down from his temple is shown, along with a view of his totaled car.

Despite spending a nine-hour day for shooting, Jaejoong was reported to have kept a bright personality throughout the day, joking around with the staff, his weariness not shown.

To catch the best angles and every second of every minute of the scene, including Jaejoong’s expressions, five to six cameras were attached to the car and the use of a heli-cam was used as well.

The upcoming KBS series is a spy series following Sun Woo (Jaejoong), an agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), and his mother Hye Rim, a former North Korean spy, and has already released its first teaser depicting the scene of the stills above.

Spy will debut on KBS on Friday, January 9th at 9:50PM KST.

Source: The Star Chosun