MONSTA X films their own version of “Running Man” for “DeokspatchX”

On the second episode of their show “DeokspatchX,” the members of MONSTA X filmed their own version of the hit SBS variety show, Running Man.

Rapper Jooheon started off the episode of “Running-Goo” surprisingly with aegyo before the members of MONSTA X were assigned to one of three teams: Red, Blue, or X-Man. Their first mission was to find as many “X” cards as possible, which Kihyun won with a total of 18 cards.

The second mission was “Take X,” where the members had to figure out who was on their team and eliminate those who were not, all while avoiding taking off the name tag of the X-Man. Minhyuk turned out to be the X-Man and member I.M. turned out to be the “icon of betrayal.”

On the first episode of “DeokspatchX,” the members completed embarrassing challenges in an attempt to film their own version of the hit MBC show Infinity Challenge. They recently filmed lovey-dovey morning calls for “DeokspatchX” as well.

Check out the second episode of “DeokspatchX” where the members film “Running-Goo” below! Which variety show would you like to see the members try next?

Source: 1theK