Krystal accused of trying to walk off stage upon announcement of Taeyeon’s win

While fans have been congratulating Taeyeon for her recent first place win on KBS2’s Music Bank, another scene during the awards announcement has caught fan attention.

Netizens again prove their sharp eyes while spotting f(x)’s Krystal seemingly walking away from the stage once the introduction music for “I” began to play. They note that she appeared to be escaping the stage but stopped when she noticed the camera was still on her.

Fans have been giving mostly positive responses, applauding her bravery for standing up for her sister Jessica. Others were mostly amused by how fast she stopped moving when she noticed the camera’s eye.

After Jessica’s removal from Girls’ Generation and eventual leave from SM Entertainment, many have kept their eyes on Krystal for any movement to join in her sister’s steps.

Check out the video clips here: