Huh In Chang teases with “Taste of this Season” audio preview

On February 2nd, Huh In Chang gave fans a preview into his upcoming single Taste of this Season with an audio teaser.

The artist previously shared an image and video teaser for the track of the same name, “Taste of this Season,” featuring Kang Min Hee.

Now, in addition to hearing portions from the two tracks on the upcoming single, fans got to see the titles and some lyrics in this video as well.

The first track, “Affirmation,” showcased a more aggressive and speedy rap while the second track was more melodic in nature. Although Kang Min Hee has been known to feature in a variety of recent hits, this tune highlights hip hop elements in her vocals while previous collaborations showed her ballad singing.

The single is expected to drop on February 4th.

Check out the audio preview here: