Henry Lau’s act of kindness displayed through fan’s Instagram

On December 31st, a fan posted a short video on her Instagram, showcasing Henry‘s act of kindness towards a grandmother on the street.

Super Junior M‘s Henry was spotted at the Samsung Station. The fan explains that as she tried saying hello to Henry, but he said “Wait a second” and proceeded to bend down to the grandmother selling Pepero cookies. He handed her a $100 department gift certificate in exchange for two Pepero boxes.

The fan who uploaded the video also said that Henry asked the grandma not to sell them and he gave hugs to the people waiting for him without feeling annoyed. Through these acts Henry showed how much of a good and sweet guy that he is.

This isn’t the first time Henry showed his golden heart, as on November 30th he tried to reassure a depressed army dog on MBC‘s Real Men.

You can check out the fan’s video of Henry below:


Source: Money Today