G-Friend’s SinB gains attention for uncanny similarity to Jessica Jung

G-Friend member SinB has recently gained attention for her facial similarity to artist and fashion designer Jessica Jung after several photos of the rookie girl group were released.

Immediately following the release of the solo images on January 5th, many netizens took to online forums, noting the similarity between the two artists including nose, jaw line, and large eyes, especially during Jessica’s debut days. Not only that, SinB seem to hold the same aura as Jessica in her photo, and has gained the overwhelming interest of netizens.

They left comments such as, “She’s pretty! And she’s only 16,” “So pretty,” “She resembles like Jessica,” “Another ice princess showed up haha,” “Jessica getting kicked out of Girls’ Generation to debut in a new group hahaha,” and “My first thought was: She looks like Jessica.”

Meanwhile, G-Friend, also known as Girlfriend, will be making their debut on January 15th. Made up of members Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, SinB, Yuju, and Umji, the group has an average age of 18.1 years.

[#여자친구] Member Introduce여자친구 멤버 신비를 소개합니다.#신비 1998. 06. 03. (만 17세)165cm / AB형 / 쌍둥이자리특기 – 춤, 연기취미 – 춤, 웹툰 보기, 운동…

Posted by 여자친구 G-Friend on Sunday, January 4, 2015

Source: TV Report