FIESTAR’s Jei joins Instagram

On January 13th, FIESTAR member Jei became one of the latest idols to join social media service Instagram. 

The leader of the five member girl group has posted several cute photos to her Instagram since she joined the service, including a hilarious photo of herself apparently asleep on the floor of a bathroom after arriving in Guangzhou, China. In addition to the comedic photo, Jei has also posted a screenshot of a Kakao Talk chat, as well as a cute selca at a noodle shop in Guangzhou.

FIESTAR announced Jei’s Instagram account on their Facebook page on January 15th, and fans were elated at the news. Responses from new followers include comments such as “Welcome to IG Unnie!“and “Love you❤️“. Fans also requested a FIESTAR comeback, which hasn’t happened since the group released “One More” in July 2014.

So far, Jei has a little more than 1,500 followers, but that number is sure to increase! If you haven’t yet, make sure to follow FIESTAR’s Jei. In the meantime, you can check out Jei’s Instagram posts so far below.