EXO’s Suho reveals Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to be his role model

It has been revealed that EXO’s leader Suho discussed his long-time role model, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, during the taping of EBS’s School Land – Teen Teen Interview, to be broadcasted on January 20th.

On the show, Suho revealed his personal role model to be his senior, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, stating, “He has always believed in himself and continued to work hard. I had always learned and am still learning from how he sets a definite goal and chases after it.

Additionally, Suho also talked about the effort that he had to make as a trainee to become the idol star he is today.

Suho said during the filming of the interview, “Until middle school, I never had a big interest in being a singer. But when I was asked to audition for a management agency, I considered becoming a singer. To not leave any regrets, I challenged myself with the audition held by my current agency (SM Entertainment) and passed the audition on my first try. I think I was lucky.

He then continued to mention, “If you have a dream and a goal, I want to tell you to lay it out concretely and go for it.

Suho also went on to discuss his endurance when he suffered from a leg injury as a trainee, as well as the happiest day of his life when he got the chance to debut after six years of training.

Be sure to catch his stories on the episode, which is set to air at 3:10pm KST on January 20th.

Source: TV Report