“Dream Knight” reveals character posters for Jackson, JB, Mark, and Youngjae

On January 9th, upcoming web-series Dream Knight revealed dashing character posters featuring GOT7’s Jackson, JB, Mark, and Youngjae.

Following the release of character posters featuring miss A’s Min and other GOT7 members BamBam, Yugyeom, and Jr., the web-series gives fans a treat with these four character posters.

Unlike their groupmates, the four men are pictured in white outfits just like the ones they wore in a previously released video teaser. They are photographed in a bright setting, showing the divide between the two sides already.

Youngjae is described as the “unpredictable guy who’s in love with music.” His slightly curious eyes look somewhere offscreen. Mark’s eyes are bent in a smile as his radiant expression shows that he is the “sweetest guy filled with cuty charms.” Jackson is the “hot-tempered guy who values loyalty the most,” as shown by his serious and focused demeanor. Finally, JB’s side profile shot gives fans an aura of mystery with his cryptic description that he is a “sharp-sensitive guy that would beat catcus’ thorn.”

Starring Song Ha Yoon as a female lead, the show will air on Youku Tudou and Navercast TV on January 27th and stars other JYP Entertainment artists such as J.Y Park, miss A’s Min, and2PM’s Chansung, and 2AM’s Changmin.


Take a look at their posters here: