Davichi releases highlight video for upcoming mini-album, “Davichi Hug”

Ahead of the release of their anticipated comeback with Davichi Hug, the female duo has released a short video highlighting each tracks, including their double title songs “Cry Again” and “Sorry, I’m Happy.”

Along to each of the track’s highlight, the lines of the lyric being sung by Davichi, though the rest of the lyrics are blurred out, hidden from viewers eyes.

In particular, the track “To You” has gained the interest of fans as it is a beautiful ballad track composed and written by member Lee Haeri, while “Spring” was composed and written by Kang Minkyung.

Both the title track “Cry Again” and “Sorry, I’m Happy” are medium-tempo songs that showcase two differentiating lyrics. “Cry Again” has a breakup theme, while “Sorry, I’m Happy” emphasizes love’s strength.

The new mini-album Davichi Hug will be released on January 21st.