CL’s Instagram Post Concerning The Legalization of Gay Marriage In Taiwan Draws Mixed Reactions

Some people were unhappy with her post.

On May 19, 2019, CL posted a photo on her Instagram celebrating Taiwan and how they are the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage.

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While many people agreed with her and were supportive of the legalization of gay marriage in Taiwan, some expressed anger and disappointment towards CL for supporting LGBTQ+ rights. Some have stated that they will no longer be supporting CL and will unfollow her.

It appears many people who are anti-LGBTQ+ have decided to unstan CL due to her beliefs. There are still many people who have shown her love, however, and asks these people to leave CL alone and to keep their opinions to themselves. Many have also expressed their disgust over the blatant homophobia people are showcasing in the comments.

Some fans fear that CL would delete her post due to the hate or that her company, YG Entertainment, will force her to delete it. As of now, the post is still available for public viewing and it is unknown if she will be deleting it any time soon.