CLC unveils highlight medley for second mini-album “Question”

Rookie girl group CLC gears up to make their comeback with Question with the release of a highlight medley for fans to enjoy.

Just like the upbeat and cheerful concept the girls sported in their debut track “Pepe,” the tracks on their second mini-album are filled with a bright, youthful feel.

CLC has already teased fans with image teasers and the tracklist for the upcoming release. “Hey-Yo” is a fun pop track with a reggae beat while the title track “Like” is a track that will get listeners moving. “Lucky” is a sweeter, mellow ballad while “Hide and Seek” has some electronic elements. Finally, “What Do I Do” closes the mini-album with an emotional ballad track that highlights the group’s vocals.

Question is expected to be released on May 28th at noon KST.

Take a listen here: