BTL celebrates Jean Paul’s birthday in Vol. 27 of “Shocking the Limit”

On January 13th, BTL celebrates the birthday of member Jean Paul birthday on Volume 27 of their series, “Shocking the Limit.”

In Volume 27 of “Shocking the Limit,” BTL surprised Jean Paul with a birthday celebration which they shared with their fans. Preparing in secret, the members of BTL put together a birthday meal for Jean Paul complete with seaweed soup, rice, and kimchi.

Having prepared two decorative and adorable cakes as well, BTL members celebrated an unforgettable birthday party on January 1st, 2015. The members surprised him with a cake lit with candles as they sang “Happy Birthday” together.

BTL spent their day with relaxation as well as enjoying one another’s company. On the bottom of their video, each member included a short message for Jean Paul for his birthday. Their latest episode of “Shocking the Limit” ended with Jean Paul thanking the members for an amazing day while telling his fans that he loved them.

Take a look at their fun celebration here: