Ballad male group 6 to 8 releases “Not Enough” MV

On January 26th, ballad group 6 to 8 released the music video for the latest release “Not Enough,” a powerful ballad that highlights the problem of not having enough to provide for a loved one. 

The three members of 6 to 8 display their incredibly passionate vocals through the track, which explains that sometimes love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship and ponders whether or not letting go of someone is better than making them wait.

The slow-paced ballad and amazing visuals of the music video paint a very emotional situation that illustrate the pains of a complicated relationship due to economic strains. The song was greatly anticipated by fans of ballads and 6 to 8 since the release of the teaser earlier in the week, and the song will definitely not disappoint. “Not Enough” is a powerful and emotional ballad that will be sure pull on the heart strings of any viewer.

Make sure to check out the beautiful music video for 6 to 8’s “Not Enough” below!