AOA releases choreography version of “Heart Attack” MV

On June 30th, AOA treats fans with the official choreography version of “Heart Attack” dressed in their bright outfits. 

With over four million views on their summer release “Heart Attack,” the girls are celebrating with the release of their official choreography version of the music video. This version features AOA in their bright green and blue lacrosse outfits on the playing field as well as their crisp white indoor uniforms as they perform their catchy choreography.

Meanwhile, Mina revealed her unbelievably small waist size on Weekly Idol and what guys do that give her a “Heart Attack” on Hello Counselor while member Seolhyun revealed how she maintains her weight. AOA is set to perform in Los Angeles and New York at the annual KCON in August.

Dance along and learn their choreography as AOA gives their fans a heart attack with their newest track!